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The Talent Marketing Board is celebrating our fifth anniversary together, and we’re highlighting the milestones that members have helped us achieve in our confidential, vendor-free community.

“If coworkers are ‘family’, Talent Marketing Board is ‘framily’ — the family you choose.”

Board Chair Jessica Nelson, Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Social Media at Charles Schwab, said it best (quote above). This community has grown into an incredible family of support, and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight our founding members below.

These past five years, we’ve welcomed 266 leaders of employer branding and recruitment marketing from 68 different billion-dollar companies.

A special thanks to our founding member companies who helped launch this community (current Board Chairs pictured above from left to right):

  • Vanguard, led by Stephanie Scher, Business Technology and Staff Augmentation Program Manager for Global Talent Acquisition
  • AT&T, led by Jill Olickan, Assistant Vice President and Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Marketing and College Recruiting
  • Great Clips, led by Jared Nypen, Vice President of Talent and Head of Human Resources
  • UnitedHealth Group, led by Diana Buirski, Director of Talent Attraction and Engagement
  • Johnson & Johnson, led by Mike McCarry, Global Brand and Digital Marketing Manager
  • Lockheed Martin, led by Amy Rigard, Digital Marketing and Employer Brand Specialist

And a huge thank you to the following member companies who have been in the community for over four years (current Board Chairs pictured above from left to right):

  • Bristol Myers Squibb, led by RoseMary Costa-Lopes, Director of Talent Acquisition Marketing Strategy and Delivery
  • Bosch, led by Sarah Steele, Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Marketing
  • Flex, whose membership is led by Kevin Fitzgerald, Senior Employer Brand Manager
  • Progressive Insurance, led by Lindsay Karklin, Talent Brand Marketing Manager
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance, led by Ali Aceto, Director of Global Brand and Communications
  • Hilton, led by Meghan Magette, Senior Director of Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing, and Team Member Engagement
  • Intel, led by Raj Suri, Employer Brand Strategist
  • Kohl’s Department Stores, led by Sue Hoerchner, Manager of HR Communications and Talent Brand
  • Charles Schwab, led by Jessica Nelson, Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Social Media
  • Fidelity Investments, led by Jojo Longnecker, Head of Employer Brand and Talent Marketing
  • Kellogg Company, led by Diane Borhani, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition
  • T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., led by Julie Wolf, Vice President and Leader of Employer Brand

It’s worth a special recognition for our three Founding Member Board Chairs who have been with us since day one: Stephanie ScherJared Nypen, and RoseMary Costa-Lopes. Without their dedication and leadership, the Talent Marketing Board wouldn’t be the thriving community it is today. Thank you!

“I leave our conversations feeling proud and inspired!”

Board Member Carolyn Larson, Senior Recruitment Marketing Program Manager at C.H. Robinson, precedes her exclamation above with, “The Talent Marketing Board brings together an incredible community of smart, passionate, and creative leaders and change makers.”

It’s statements like that that proves what a special group this has grown to be.

Over the last five years, we’ve helped create over 440 peer-to-peer connections between members to get the insights they need to make strategic decisions.

Thanks to our members, we’ve had over 570 confidential leadership discussions on critical talent marketing topics. We also recently added monthly Zoom calls for sharing exclusive materials and resources, including activating EVPs for recruiters, updating career sites for better candidate experience, making EVPs resonate across the enterprise, improving your recruitment marketing dashboard, and more.

Members like AT&TProgressive InsuranceAramarkKohl’s Department StoresSpectrum, and more have shared their screens for exclusive behind-the-scenes insights on their talent programs.

“I find that you are never alone with this group and am thankful for the value the Talent Marketing Board provides.”

Board Member Jen Tracy, Vice President of Talent Attraction & Acquisition at Spectrum, adds to her statement above, “I appreciate knowing that my team has access to other TA and recruitment marketing leaders to collaborate and improve their work product, understand trends, and share best practices. Particularly I was so impressed with the collaboration as a support mechanism for other leaders during the pandemic.”

See what else these leaders have to say about our community:





You can see more first-hand accounts about how our community has helped our members with budgeting, bettering their strategies, and more here.

The Talent Marketing Board is the only place where you can benchmark your strategies directly with your peers — heads of employer brand and recruitment marketing at billion-dollar companies.



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