Data Board

The confidential, vendor-free membership organization for people leading data strategy at the world’s biggest companies.

The Data Board is currently in the organizing process.

A group of large companies are coming together to create the Data Board.

As a leader, the challenges you face are significant.

And while there are a lot of great groups out there, there’s no confidential, vendor-free community specifically for the leaders of this function.

Data Board Membership Criteria

Individual criteria:

  • Senior decision-makers who have responsibility for their program. Determines strategy, sets policy, controls budgets, selects vendors, hires staff, and manages the team. Minimum title of manager (no exceptions).
  • Substantial, relevant professional experience. Extensive experience representing your organization in confidential conversations with senior executives at major corporations.
  • Subject matter expertise. Able to contribute to high-level discussions on strategy and leadership in this field.

Company criteria:

  • No vendors: Major BtoB or BtoC client-side companies only.
  • Minimum size: At least $1B in revenue and 4,000 full-time employees.
  • Active data strategy program: Members must have established programs and knowledge to share.

Interested in being a Founding Board Member? We’d love to meet you.

How does it work?

Learn about the basics of membership and how it all works.