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The confidential, vendor-free membership organization for people leading social mediaemployer brandrecruitment marketingESGsocial impactsustainabilitydata managementanalyticsdata governancedata privacyDEIemployee experience at the world’s biggest companies.

No vendors allowed.

Absolutely no vendors are ever allowed to participate in this organization. No exceptions.

Strict membership screening.

We apply our strict membership qualifications to all applicants. Membership is all signal, no noise.


Every member is working at your scale and understands the challenges you face.


This is a professionally managed, engaging community run by full-time, dedicated facilitators.


“There are no vendors, so we are free to talk with other practitioners and share strategies. It’s very valuable!”

Allison Brown, AbbVie

“Membership is a no-brainer in my mind. When you balance the cost vs. the value received, it actually saves you money.”

John Graham Jr., Amgen

“After budget cuts, I fought to keep this membership… it’s the best professional resource I’ve had in my entire career.”

Mark Murdock, Kindred Healthcare

Access an on-demand source of unbiased peer insights that will help you every step of the way.

Members get support at every stage of their work. With our diverse membership, it’s hard to find a topic where a member hasn’t been there, done that. From the early ideas all the way to v2.0, you’ll never have to go it alone.

Compare staffing, roles, and team structures with peers.

Get unfiltered vendor and partner feedback on demand.

Join facilitated discussions to benchmark plans, roadmaps, and strategies.

Borrow messaging, training, and adoption strategies.

Ask members how they’re demonstrating ROI.

Get ahead of the risks, pitfalls, and stumbling blocks experienced by peers.

Review implementation experiences, launch best practices, and go/no-go decisions from experienced practitioners.

Get help in a crisis, and know our professional facilitators are always standing by to help you get the insights you need.

Get help innovating, measuring, and getting to version 2.0 faster than you can alone.

Advanced? Benchmark with the best to stay ahead.

Ready to become a member?

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