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“Being a part of the Board saved us time and the headache of having to do all this research up front.”

The Challenge 

Bosch Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Marketing Sarah Steele needed to find a new, all-encompassing marketing agency to help with everything from programmatic job advertising, traditional media buying, and analytics.

How the Talent Marketing Board Helped 

Before Sarah even started the proposal process, she leveraged their Talent Marketing Board membership to get unbiased, off-the-record feedback on what vendors other Board Members had used and what their experience was like. 

Many of the vendors that were suggested by other members in the community were used in their selection process, and Sarah ultimately chose one of the vendors that came highly rated by her peers in the Talent Marketing Board.

The Result

Being part of the community saved her the time of having to do research upfront, as well as access to first-hand reviews from clients who were already using these vendors and could provide great feedback.

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