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Talent Marketing Board Meeting

May 22-23, 2024ㅤ•ㅤDallas, TX

Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, May 22

11:30 AM

Registration opens

12:00 PM

Lunch Discussion

Get here on time and grab a seat at the table. This sit-down lunch is your first opportunity to meet all of the great talent marketing leaders you’ll get to know at the Board Meeting.

12:40 PM


12:50 PM

Welcome & Introduction

1:00 PM

Show & Tell: Bringing your employer brand to life

Len Abbazia, Verizon

Join Len Abbazia, Associate Director of Recruitment Marketing at Verizon, for a behind-the-scenes look at the historic journey to launch Verizon’s first employer brand: The #NetworkLife. We’ll get to see the ins and outs of the full launch, from early ideation and concept development to focus groups and creative. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see how Verizon’s Recruitment Marketing team brought the #NetworkLife to life.

1:30 PM


1:45 PM

Show & Tell: Maturing your talent marketing approach

Kelli Easley, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

It’s one thing to develop long-term goals for growing your talent marketing program … but nobody’s 2019 plan survived a five-year plan. Heck, it’s a challenge to weather labor markets, hiring goals, and company objectives from one year to the next. Join Kelli Easley, Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s Principal Leader of Employer Branding, to learn how she approaches the opportunity — and the challenge — of growing a talent marketing team for today and tomorrow. She’ll explore the journey from dreaming up a team to what responsibilities they actually cover and how she continues to evolve the thinking around what a “mature team” means.

2:15 PM


2:30 PM

Show & Tell: Optimizing recruitment marketing spend with data-driven decisions

Jennie Ecclestone, Magna International

There are two phases in managing a budget: When you’re asked to tighten your belt … and the moment just before you’re asked to cut spending. What if you could get ahead of it all? Thankfully, Jennie Ecclestone, Director of Talent Attraction and Recruitment Marketing for Magna International, will talk us through exactly how she handled this challenge. We’ll witness the ins-and-outs of how her team was able to find significant cost savings in talent marketing spend across various platforms by using data and fresh thinking to inform platform consolidation and partnership expansion to meet the needs of their evolving business.

3:00 PM

Snack Break

3:30 PM

Show & Tell: Finally! How to measure EVP activation

Jessica Nelson, Charles Schwab

We spend significant time and money (and sometimes sweat and tears) researching and developing our Employee Value Propositions — then we redouble our efforts to leverage employer branding for internal and external activation! No wonder we’re wiped out when it comes time to answer, “So, how did it perform?” Jessica Nelson, Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Social Media at Charles Schwab, is here to help. With so many data points that can be influenced by an EVP activation, she’s developed a methodology for EVP measurement, GPA-style. You already know an EVP is important and valuable — join this session to learn how to measure that impact and explain it in a way the business understands.

4:00 PM


4:15 PM

Show & Tell: Building out your employer brand toolkit, part one

Heather Leszczewicz, Conagra Brands

In part one of our deep dive into this topic, Heather Leszczewicz, Recruitment Marketing Manager at Conagra Brands, walks us through how she creates and evolves an employer brand toolkit — for both recruiters and hiring managers and for employer brand practitioners like herself. We’ll hear how she guides the toolkit from ideation to execution, how she gained buy-in and support, and how she considered the needs of end users (hiring managers, recruiters, and marketers) along the way. (In part two of this conversation, we’ll gather the next day in a member-led discussion to workshop our ideas for building similar resources, challenges we’ve faced, and tips for a successful launch.)

4:45 PM


5:00 PM

Member Dinner

Following our afternoon of conversations and Show & Tell Talks, we’ll all go out for a fantastic dinner together. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow members before a big day of brainstorming, discussion, and collaboration.

Thursday, May 23

8:00 AM

Breakfast Discussions

The conversations over coffee and eggs at this event are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour. You’ll want to be here bright and early (and on time).

8:50 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome Back

9:05 AM

Member-Led Discussion: Building out your employer brand toolkit, part two

Heather Leszczewicz, Conagra Brands

In a follow up to her Show & Tell presentation from day one of the Board Meeting, Conagra Brands Recruitment Marketing Manager Heather Leszczewicz will open up the conversation by leading a workshop-style discussion around employer brand toolkits. We’ll share challenges we’ve faced (resourcing, buy-in, alignment, etc.), fresh ideas for structuring and rolling out EB toolkits, and tips and tricks we’ve learned that guarantee a successful launch.

9:35 AM


9:45 AM

Member-Led Discussion: Incorporating artificial intelligence into talent marketing

Courtney Harris, Cummins

AI is the big, scary thing talent marketers are trying to get their arms around, let alone enterprise-level companies. Let’s take advantage of having dozens of talent marketing leaders in one room to have a candid conversation about what we’re hoping artificial intelligence will do for our industry – and where it might already make an impact. Courtney Harris, the Global Employer Brand Leader at Cummins, will kick off a conversation that may have more questions than answers, but by sharing our experiences and benchmarking our gains, this member-led discussion will help us all grow our confidence and light the path for adding AI to our workflow.

10:15 AM

Snack Break

10:35 AM

Member-Led Discussion: Shaking up recruitment marketing to new ideas

Ciara Salg, Hilton

Hilton’s Ciara Salg, Senior Manager of Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand, will open a discussion about ways to add new flavor and ideas to your talent attraction efforts. What works for campus/early careers personas is different than tech jobs or executive positions — let’s talk about how we’re going beyond display ads to attract each audience where they live. Ciara will share Hilton’s early journey into TikTok and other initiatives as we discuss what marketing leaps are worth taking, which ones have fallen flat, and how to make the case for budgets to try new things.

11:05 AM


11:20 AM

Member-Led Discussion: Maximizing your approach to job boards

Heidi Chapeau, Encompass Health

Job boards are fundamental to our talent attraction efforts, but are they due for significant disruption? Indeed is the 800-pound gorilla, but could Google for Jobs or another AI-powered platform change how we distribute job opportunities? Encompass Health Director of Talent Marketing & Attraction Heidi Chapeau kicks off a group conversation about the influence job boards have in our world — and how much we can influence what to expect from them. From the relationships you have with big-name and niche job boards, to determining how much of your spend job boards and their alternatives deserve, you’ll learn in this candid discussion with your peers — and without a vendor in the room.

11:50 PM

Lunch Discussions

12:50 PM


1:00 PM

Unconference Round 1


  • Evolving your talent marketing team structure
  • Navigating pay transparency and other job posting laws
  • Measuring the success of your EVP
  • Workday tips, tricks, and hacks
  • Internal mobility programs
  • Campus recruiting best practices
  • How teams of one and small talent marketing teams thrive in an enterprise

1:30 PM


1:40 PM

Unconference Round 2


  • Glassdoor: When and how to ask for reviews
  • Turning employees into talent marketing ambassadors
  • Talent marketing at in-person events
  • Attracting front-line talent when they’re not online
  • Digital asset creation management
  • Career site optimization
  • Creating a talent marketing dashboard – for your team, TA, and leadership

2:10 PM

Snack Break

2:20 PM

Unconference Round 3


  • Marketing your employee referral programs
  • Talent marketing with diversity in mind
  • Great Place to Work and other award strategies
  • Diversity partners: Which ones are worth the investment?
  • Dealing with review sites
  • Educating the enterprise on talent marketing’s value
  • Changing the ‘order taker’ stigma of talent marketing

2:50 PM


3:00 PM

Unconference Round 4


  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Making the most of a talent community
  • CRM: Selection, ownership, governance, execution
  • Finding the right video vendor
  • How to attract the right skills (and not just a role)
  • Activating your EVP, internally and externally

3:30 PM


Please note: This agenda is subject to change based on speaker availability and scheduling.