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2022 was another year where you worked tirelessly to fulfill your ever-changing role. We recognize that it can be a hard, lonely position to be in — which is why we value you so much in this community.

All of your contributions this past year have been particularly outstanding. There was a range of thought-provoking conversations covering a variety of topics:

  • “Show & Share” and “How It Got Made” conversations to give you a sneak peek into members’ most successful programs and campaigns.
  • Board Chair-only conversations for those of you leading your ESG and CSR programs
  • Huddle conversations for small groups of members to discuss TCFD reporting and responses to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

In addition to our scheduled conversations, it was the urgent, last-minute discussions to benchmark real-time happenings that proved the importance of having other leaders to lean on in times of crisis. 

Your input also directly helped your peers. You were there for each other in Fast Feedback to help answer questions and share documents on everything from nonprofit partners for large-scale volunteer activations and employee relief fundraising, to SEC climate change disclosure rule checklists and annual ESG reporting agency recommendations. Direct connections also gave you and your fellow members an avenue to talk strategy in-depth — like when you need a vendor reference that the vendor itself would never give you.

Overall, we’re glad you built a community where you can feel less alone in your role. All these conversations were directly sourced from you, our members. On behalf of the entire team at the ESG & CSR Board, thank you for all of your contributions. Here’s to all the great things ahead of us in 2023.