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The never-ending Scope 3 challenge 

Scope 3 reporting is an enormous challenge for enterprise ESG leaders. As the spotlight on ESG grows, the industry evolves, and regulations move towards making Scope 3 reporting mandatory, there is ever-growing pressure to get this right. 

An ESG leader at a financial service company — and member of the ESG & CSR Board — was facing the challenge of collecting Scope 3 data and wanted to benchmark with others in the same position at other major companies on how they’re collecting category 1 and 2 data from suppliers.  

ESG & CSR Board members shared their tactics for collecting Scope 3 data. 

The member posted this question to Fast Feedback — our private, facilitated member forum — where eight enterprise ESG leaders chimed in to share how they approach capturing Scope 3 data. 

Few members — if any — have this challenge completely figured out, but the candid responses they gave contained actionable insights, vendor recommendations, and why they’ve made the decisions they have. 

Insights included: 

  • Detailed looks at their methodologies (i.e. several said they use a hybrid of spend-based calculations and actuals when capturing category 1 and 2 data from suppliers and vendors.) 
  • Which EF databases they’re using (and recommend) 
  • Whether they use a homegrown template, and if so, what that looks like. 

One nowhere-else conversation helped this billion-dollar company build their Scope 3 strategy.  

The responses the member received not only gave him a look at how other ESG leaders at big companies across a variety of industries face this challenge — they also provided him with critical and actionable insights to take back to his leadership to inform their own strategy. 

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