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We wrapped up our 2024 Spring Board Meeting in Dallas with a total of 70 ESG, social impact, and sustainability leaders from 49 major companies (and zero vendors in sight).

Thank you to all the ESG & CSR Board Members who made it such an incredible experience — our Show & Tell speakers, our Member-Led Discussion hosts, and everyone who came and asked questions, shared ideas, and built connections.

Keep reading below to see everything we covered over a day and a half:

Show & Tell Talks

  • Creating impact measurement models through community collaboration — led by Amanda Schmitt at CenterPoint Energy 
  • How to create common ground between corporate and social impact priorities — Taylor Amerman at CDW 
  • TelevisaUnivision’s Vota Conmiga program: Mobilizing millions to vote — led by Teri González at TelevisaUnivision 
  • Embedding DEI values into your impact strategy – led by Teresa Hillis at Expedia Group 
  • Creating unique solutions for sustainable good — led by Laura Nieto at Southwest Airlines 
  • Streamlining disclosures with a rater/ranker cost benefit analysis — led by Kay Brown at Kinder Morgan 
  • Rightsizing regulation prep and data disclosure for both sides of the pond — Katya Hantel at Smith+Nephew 
  • Strategies to build influence with limited formal authority – led by Mike Schwartz at Republic Services 
  • Integrating sustainability into enterprise-wide planning — led by Stewart Lindsay at Campbell Soup Co. 
  • Building a commodity risk model without the information you really need — led by Jeff King at Bath & Body Works

Member-Led Discussions

  • Bringing trust-based principles into corporate philanthropy — led by Dennis Duquette at MassMutual 
  • Leveraging DEI to drive employee engagement — led by Vivian Greentree at Fiserv 
  • Disaster relief programs: Meeting the increasing need and prioritizing resilience — led by Colleen Wright at Mattress Firm 
  • Getting credit for CSR as an employee benefit — led by Katy Phillips at American Airlines 
  • Building out your ESG tech stack without toppling — led by Emily Muth at Conagra Brands
  • Making and reaching climate commitments in a volatile time — led by Rebecca Nalder at Yelp 
  • Opportunities and obstacles for supply chain carbon collaborations — led by Mauricio Alanis at Maple Leaf Foods 
  • ESG reporting: Preparing our teams (and ourselves!) for what comes next

Unconference Topics

Environmental Sustainability:

  • CSRD: Where are we now? 
  • Chasing first party supplier data/engaging suppliers effectively 
  • Workiva: Bare models, efficiencies, and headaches 
  • Gaining cross-functional alignment on sustainability 
  • SEC: Materiality determinations, working with finance, and our biggest headaches 
  • C-suite and board sustainability education strategies 
  • Scope 3 tool stacks 
  • Socializing sustainability with a function historically not involved 
  • What reporting we’ve successfully stopped — or plan to 
  • Setting up internal governance for Scope 3 
  • CA bills preparedness: Where are we and what’s next? 
  • Double materiality strategies 
  • Regulatory tracking: Tools, processes, and partners 
  • Water strategies: Starting out, lessons learned, and what’s next 
  • Internal price on carbon
  • Team and reporting structures: Where do you sit?
  • Preparing for backlash against CSR, ESG, and DEI

Social Impact:

  • Signature programs 
  • Grantmaking processes: Where do we find new efficiencies? 
  • Future-proofing disaster relief strategies
  • Building allies internally to connect community work across the business 
  • Employee engagement/volunteering for hourly and frontline workers 
  • Getting CSR data ready for assurance
  • Connecting CSR and social impact to business metrics 
  • Impact reporting: Partner collaboration, communicating data, socializing results, and explaining limitations 
  • Mobilizing employees and ambassador programs for days/weeks/months of service 
  • Most meaningful employee volunteering  
  • Making an epic case to increase CSR budget 
  • Losing the confetti and defining dollars for your giving 
  • Logic models, theories of change, and impact measurement frameworks 

In-Person Connections (and hugs)

The best on-site discussions will grow as full community conversations in the coming weeks and months as we dig deeper together.

We loved getting to spend time with all the ESG & CSR Board Members who joined in us in Dallas. Quoting a few attendees:

This conference was different from any other I have been to: It was structured so meetings were highly interactive and efficient, which increased knowledge sharing with colleagues in attendance from across a spectrum of industries. Brian Herrington, Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

This is the best conference I have ever attended. It was no-nonsense, authentic, and straight-to-the-point conversation. This allowed us to dive deep quickly without exhausting a topic. An excellent use of financial resources and my own time. – Andrea Patton, Campbell’s

The conference was one of the best I have ever been to. I was able to tap into colleagues who were experts and share my own expertise. I can’t wait to go back next year. – Brian Herrington, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

We hope to see you all again at a future Board Meeting!

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