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We’re excited to announce that our community is ready for its next big step. 

The CSR Board is now officially the ESG & CSR Board: the confidential, vendor-free membership organization for people leading ESG, social impact, and sustainability at the world’s biggest companies.

This new name better reflects the work we all do and the topics we cover. Our community has a lot of momentum right now — we’ve welcomed seven new member companies in 2022 so far — and we’re excited to see this group continue to grow and support each other.

The ESG & CSR Board is the trusted, vendor-free community for leaders of ESG, social impact, and sustainability at more than 125 of the world’s largest companies. Backed by expert facilitators, you’ll quickly get personalized, on-demand insights and advice from peers to manage your ESG reporting, community investment goals, sustainability benchmarking, consultant and vendor selection, and much more. Membership saves time, saves money, and helps you increase your impact — all in just a few minutes a week.

Learn how to join the community below.

Interested in learning more about the ESG & CSR Board?

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