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Key takeaways:

  • The DEI Board provided real-time, actionable insights for a member who was seeking input on building out their DEI team after turnover left them without a head of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Using our membership hub, that member gained quick access to their peers in the community and received several answers to the roles needed for a successful DEI team.
  • Thanks to peer insights and access to DEI leaders with decades of experience, our member was able to save time and money by developing a plan on the roles they needed to establish in their company.

Looking for Insights on Structuring DEI Teams?

We showed you how the DEI Board stacks up against other peer communities, but how exactly are DEI Board members gaining great value from peer insights to advance their strategies?

In one real-world example, DEI Board members provided support for the Vice President of Human Resources at a billion-dollar biotechnology company to scale their DEI team and establish clear roles after losing their head of DEI due to turnover.

Knowing how critical it is to build an effective team structure to support and amplify DEI efforts, members quickly jumped in to help this member with insights on how they’ve successfully created U.S.-based DEI teams.

Quick Access to Peers Gave This DEI Board Member Real-Time Support

Using our online membership hub, the VP of HR sent questions to our community about which roles they should look to establish for a successful DEI team and how they should be structured.

Within a week, a Senior Manager Diversity Equity Inclusion at a global telecommunications company, a Senior Director of DEI at one of the world’s largest cloud computing companies, the Chief Diversity Officer at a billion-dollar transportation company, and other DEI leaders provided input on building out teams.

Members provided unbiased, peer insights on the importance of adding roles such as:

  • DEI specialists
  • ERG leaders
  • Program managers
  • Business advocates

They also shared how DEI teams should possess critical skill sets for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Human resources
  • Education and training
  • Data analysis
  • Policies and compliance

Peer Insights Proved Valuable for the DEI Leader By Saving Time and Money

Our member who was seeking input on building out their DEI team was able to quickly decide which roles to hire and how to structure their team without going through the trial and error of creating positions in a vacuum.

They were able to tell stakeholders their plans, which were vetted and developed with support from DEI leaders in our community who have decades of experience. Ultimately, they saved time and money thanks to gaining insights on establishing a more effective team.

Are you looking to scale your DEI team structure? If you lead DEI at a large organization, you can apply to the DEI Board to benchmark with your peers and gain their insights on your strategies and team responsibilities.

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