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In today’s digital landscape, where data privacy concerns are increasingly paramount, the concept of Privacy by Design (PbD) has emerged as a critical approach. It advocates integrating privacy considerations into the very fabric of the products, services, and organizational strategies companies build.  

This proactive stance ensures privacy is not an afterthought but a fundamental principle guiding every stage of work – but as a data privacy leader at a large company, how do we manage all the responsibility while considering risk, headcount, and budget? 

Members from the Data Privacy Board, all from 30+ top brands, share their strategies in Community Calls — professionally facilitated phone discussions on top data privacy issues: 

Community Calls: Facilitated, virtual discussions on deep issues. 

As a data privacy leader, you’re facing the unique role of protecting people against the constantly evolving digital landscape. This makes insights from someone in a role like yours, at companies of similar size, industry, and structure invaluable. They allow you to assess how effectively you’re implementing a PbD framework into your work and provide practical advice for improvement because with direct experience you can trust.  

At the Data Privacy Board, we streamline peer-to-peer benchmarking. We have over 120 members — all leaders exclusively working for top companies who can answer questions on planning, assessing, and protecting your program in 45-minute conversations.   

Here’s what you can expect from a Community Call:  

Professional Facilitation 

Our professional, full-time staff are specialists in facilitation and community management. They ensure that discussions are productive and focused on challenges that matter to you, not allowing off-topic conversation when your time is limited.  

Additionally, our facilitators are subject matter experts on data privacy and can guide conversations by asking questions that allow leaders to compare how they’re handling tough issues. This includes benchmarking the important questions that support our PbD framework – like what efforts have made the most impact so far on increasing your work’s visibility? How are you adding audits to your cadences? How are you mitigating risk when it comes to GenAI? 

Our professional facilitators allow you to fully leverage benchmarks and on-topic conversations allow brand leaders at various program levels to quickly find the right approach to any issues they may be facing. 

Confidential, Candid, and Engaging  

Community Calls are 100% confidential, creating a safe space for members to engage in candid discussions.  

We use this safe space in several formats.  

Show & Share Conversations give leaders a space to share the ins and outs of their programs. Professionals give personal presentations of their unique approaches to their work, followed by time for Q&A to directly inquire about their process. Recent conversations have included members showing off how they scaled their privacy champions program, structured their data privacy organization, and more. 

Another type of Community Call, Knowledge Shares, focuses on emerging challenges leaders are facing simultaneously, like AI risks, making the case for privacy funding in an already tight economy, and demonstrating privacy metrics. Here, everyone works together to figure out new regulations, strategies, or processes.  

Huddle conversations allow data privacy leaders in specific industries to gather to seek advice and give opinions on challenges within their corporate fields. Leaders in financial services, retail, BtoB, and more can get tailored advice from other privacy leaders doing exactly the same work. 

Additionally, many calls include vendor reviews — and leaders don’t hold back. Save time and money vetting tools – like Privado, BigID, Microsoft Copilot, and OneTrust – by hearing in-depth experiences that peers have personally gone through with tools, vendors, and partners.   

Members Decide What We Talk About 

One of the unique aspects of the Community Calls is that the members themselves set the agenda. We don’t waste time with pre-planned or canned content. You ask the question, members have the answers, we’ll facilitate. 

We’re responsive to your needs. If there’s a pressing issue that requires immediate attention for the community, we’ll schedule a conversation with your peers quickly. This member-driven approach ensures that the discussions are always relevant and tailored to the immediate needs and interests of the participants.  

Learn More About Becoming a Data Privacy Board Member and Join Upcoming Community Calls 

In a landscape of constant and complex digital changes, the Data Privacy Board’s Community Calls offer a crucial platform for leaders to stay ahead. By engaging in these professionally facilitated, confidential, and member-driven discussions, you can access a wealth of practical insights and shared experiences from peers facing similar challenges. This is a valuable investment of your time that can directly benefit your privacy initiatives.   

You don’t need more information. You need better information. Get answers from over 120 data privacy leaders running programs like yours – who actually have the answers  

Learn more about becoming a member and join our upcoming Community Calls to start benefiting today. 

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