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The Challenge

The Director of Global Data Privacy at a major athletic wear company was evaluating their existing approach to DSARs that they had in place with OneTrust to determine if they should use a different provider to scale their program through automation. 

How the Data Privacy Board Helped

This Data Privacy Board Member asked for experiences from other members in our community who had automated data deletion and access requests with third-party providers via OneTrust — and specifically, if anyone had successfully done it with DSARs.

The question received responses from nearly a dozen brands in our confidential, online member forum — including one privacy leader who gave further context when asked. 

The Results

The Director of Global Data Privacy came away from the discussion with insights from nearly a dozen other leaders who had already gone through the process of automation — or had found other workarounds and hacks. This saved them a ton of time that they would have otherwise spent trying to figure it out on their own.

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