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How the Talent Marketing Board rescued a member from partnering with an agency that wouldn’t fit their needs, saving them money in the process.

The Challenge

A Talent Marketing Board Member at a major industrial products brand needed to find a new agency to help them with their social media management. They had a specific one in mind and wanted to hear first-hand experiences to be better informed in the decision making process.

How the Talent Marketing Board Helped 

The Board Member reached out to our Membership Director for help, who used our database to quickly identify members who had worked with the agency in question. A direct connection was made within just a couple days.

A direct connection with another talent marketing leader was made within just a couple days to share their experience with the agency.

The Result

In one brief conversation, the Talent Marketing Board Member not only got an unbiased look into what a new relationship would be like with this agency, but they also found out they wouldn’t be able to solve the frustrations they were already experiencing.

This saved them from making a 5-figure mistake.

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