What members are saying about our communities:

This truly is a special group, and we are very proud to be a part of it. Robin Thomas, Brinker International

I honestly feel privileged to be a part of this group. Lindsay Lebresco, Graco

There's not a conversation that's not relevant or valuable. Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, Sears Holdings Corporation

This community gives me great peace of mind knowing I can reach out to a large group of professionals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets at any time about a variety of topics and get responses and perspective almost instantly. Anthony Jones, Rockwell Automation

I love how I can ask a question to the group and get an answer in two seconds. Regina DeMars, Conagra Brands

This community helps me grow professionally. I get the chance to connect with my counterparts in a number of industries, as well as competing firms. And because of our confidentiality agreement, we share stories and insights that help us connect in ways we might not otherwise. Allen Plummer, Vanguard

I love how this community shares and collaborates. Julie Finlay, USAA

It is the only dedicated social media association we actively participate in, because it's the only one we need. Todd Blecher, Boeing

Community conversations are very much about sharing best practices and learnings. It’s about working together to solve problems that we’re all going through. Carmen Mason, Enterprise Holdings

There's nowhere else on the planet where you can get the kind of fast answers and quick advice as you can with SocialMedia.org. Paul Dunay, Avaya

We attended our first Member Meeting skeptical, but left as advocates for SocialMedia.org. These meetings have the most authentic, knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere professionals I have ever met -- and they are gathered together in the same place at the same time! Ranae Blanke, Hobby Lobby

Open, honest, private conversations about brands' social media experiences. Dagmar Ebaugh, UL LLC

SocialMedia.org provides a fantastic opportunity for brands and social media practitioners to discuss, learn, and share expertise. Lore McKenna, Bosch

I'm always amazed at how willing everyone is to share. It can be especially difficult to translate social media for BtoB organizations, but I find that I learn things from other members that could relate to marketers of any organization. Lorie Robinson, Sabre Holdings

No egos, no fluff, just candid conversations with people just like myself who want to make the social space better for big brands. Ryan Dickerson, The Home Depot

If it's important, we're talking about it at SocialMedia.org. Matthew Staub, H&R Block

The people I meet and connections I make at Member Meetings are invaluable. It's a knowledge spree that resonates for months! Mary Pretotto, Rogers Communications

I love the honest communications and interactions. Sharon Taniguchi, McAfee

It's a great way to network with social strategists and learn from real-life case studies. Keoki Young, NVIDIA

I love the SocialMedia.org family -- the fellowship always makes me proud to be a member of such an awesome group. Dené Brown, DeVry University

This organization is the bomb.com. I don't go to other social events -- these are the ones to be at. Rachel Medina, UnitedHealth Group

I am blown away by how amazing the meeting was and how much I learned! It truly is a family, and being able to share stories, advice, and insight was much-needed and so therapeutic. Lindsay Berry, Darden

An intimate setting for social media professionals to get together and share thoughts and ideas without getting a sales pitch. Ana Santellana, 7-Eleven

The presentations are always so polished and chalk-full of helpful information. Elizabeth Jurewicz, Rackspace

At SocialMedia.org, there's no agencies -- there's nobody selling anything. It’s sort of like gloves are off, and you can talk about what you need to talk about. Lisa Zimmer, MillerCoors

What an amazing experience -- I'm so thankful to be a part of this. The staff at SocialMedia.org continue to impress me with their hard work to make sure that these meetings are top notch. Justine Routhier, Santander Bank

I love the interactions and conversations that include both high-level strategy and detailed tactics and results. Charlotte Jones, Lockheed Martin Corporation

One of my team members posted a question in the community, and right away people were chiming in. Almost immediately we were seeing value -- not just for myself, but for my entire team. Raj Suri, Intel

The Talent Marketing Board is like benchmarking on steroids. Jared Nypen, Great Clips

These Board Meetings are customized throughout our time together based on real-time conversations and interactions. It's really valuable to know we aren't committed to an agenda months ahead of the event. Abigail Rathmann, AbbVie

SocialMedia.org Health has helped us cut through the clutter and the noise of people in the industry who think they know what's right. This has given us an invaluable tool to get some insight from people that have the exact same issues that we're having. Brad Haller, Mercy

Looking for a safe place to get your tough questions answered, hang out with like-minded people, and discuss topics that are pertinent to your interests and industry? This community is it! Judy Prett, Riverside Healthcare

I love SocialMedia.org Health Member Meetings -- best two workdays of the year! Jessica Turner, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

I love being a part of a community of professionals who understand the struggles we are faced with as social media people within large healthcare systems. The support I felt from everyone is something I will never be able to explain. Brittany Vajda, Sentara Healthcare

The meetings really help us to see what others were doing, inquire about their tactics, and dive deeper into stress points we or others were feeling to work through those together. Casie Shimansky, Cisco

I learned more at this conference than I have at any other conference I've attended. Mariya Levchenko, Manulife

I have never attended a conference quite like this one and plan to have it on my roster every year. It was truly a transformative experience. Rachel Allen, Aetna

I think the community to me is like a tribe. It's people who get you, people who understand the challenges that we have every single day. For me it is a family, and it's a community that I see value in. Leah Schultz, Papa John's

I've gotten some great advice and brainstormed with people doing the same job -- having that network is invaluable. Liz Martin, University Hospitals

SocialMedia.org is really our insurance policy for social media. Even if we missed something the night before, we know in the morning we're going to have some sort of alert from SocialMedia.org so we are always armed with the latest information. Jaci Twidwell, Hallmark

SocialMedia.org is the single most important source of information for a social media practitioner. LaSandra Brill, Cisco Systems

SocialMedia.org meetings are the one meeting that I go to every year. I don't make room in my budget to consistently attend any other conference. Sue Serna, Cargill

I postponed my honeymoon so I could attend the Member Meeting. That's how addicted I am to SocialMedia.org! Hannah Winslow, Express Scripts

The guidance and insights we've gained from other members has been instrumental in helping us shape our social media practices. Debbie Curtis-Magley, UPS

I think my favorite thing about SocialMedia.org in-person meetings is that I'm reminded my team and I aren't ever alone -- it matters. Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods Market

SocialMedia.org Health members really have each other's back and want to know about each other's success. Ashley Restivo, Highmark

I've been to a number of conferences and never enjoyed one as much as I did this event. I felt extremely comfortable, accepted, and understood. I gained a number of takeaways, but also confidence in what we're doing as a healthcare system. Courtney Leach, Parkview Health

The learning experience at SocialMedia.org Health's Member Meeting is incomparable to any other. The conversations and presentations are relevant to health care and the unique struggles and wins we face. Katie Kitchen, Bon Secours Health System

SocialMedia.org Health is a great opportunity to network (and empathize). There's lots of smart people together in the same room, and everyone gets it. Lisa McMahan, Oregon Health & Science University

No vendors. Real thought leadership. People who do what you do, sharing best (and worst!) practices openly. Mo Moorman, Aurora Health Care

Finally! The opportunity to sit in a room with just other hospitals to talk about how social impacts business objectives! Shawn Halls, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

I have been a member of various types of marketing organizations, and I would say that SocialMedia.org Health is by far the best one. It's overwhelming how much you walk away with. James Sims III, Northwestern Medicine