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Engaging all employees in a hybrid-work world

The Challenge

An Employee Experience Board Member who’s an HR Organizational Leader at a financial services company has three offices that serve as hubs where employees can come into the office and interact with one another. 

However, a significant portion of their employee population doesn’t live near these hubs and work remotely, with only occasional trips into the office for team building and connection (one-to-three times per year). 

This leader was concerned about retention and how to keep these employees connected. 

How the Employee Experience Board Helped

The Board Member posted their challenge in our online member forum, and within 24 hours, they heard back from four EX leaders at major brands with detailed responses, examples, and resources on how they tackle this.

Their ideas ranged from going all out for holiday celebrations, having Zoom options for major events, offering fitness classes in multiple locations, and more.

The Result

The Board Member was able to take these insights to their leadership and provide a robust list of options that they could apply to their employee experience strategy.

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