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Leaders love our communities.

We strongly believe that catalyzing sustainable change in DEI happens through cultivating intentional connections, lifelong learning communities, and sharing best practices in a safe and mutually beneficial space. The DEI Board offers us that and more.

Roti Balogun, General Electric

The DEI Board provides a safe and collegial environment for me to connect with a community of thought leaders to share the practices that are making a real impact.

Ronda Bazley Moore, LexisNexis

When we talk about impacting top and bottom line and connecting that to people, it’s just not easy. I appreciate doing their part of the job by bringing leaders together to figure out something for us to use as a reference. Because if you aren’t bringing us together to help us figure it out, we generally won’t have time to do it on our own — there are just so many other things happening as distractions. 

Alenda Durr, UScellular

As a founding member, Pernod Ricard wants to partner with the DEI Board to help create a safe space for leaders to share not only their best practices, but also their challenges. Our mission on this Board is to share our stories and continue to learn from others so that we can create a more diverse, inclusive, and responsible world together.

Kayla Campbell, Pernod Ricard

Being a member of the DEI Board provides an opportunity to learn and share with fellow HR executives to accelerate progress within our respective companies, ultimately improving not only our companies, but also the communities where we live and work.

Susan Schmitt Winchester, Applied Materials

The conversations we’re having with other big brands in the Board are great. It is very valuable being part of this community.

Jaldeep Pandya, Honda Canada

Membership is a no-brainer in my mind. When you balance the cost vs. the value received, it actually saves you money.

John Graham Jr., Amgen

The Board is a great way to gain insights and meet people who have the same questions you do. What I’ve learned has truly helped me make better, more strategic decisions.

Kristin McMillen, Citizens Financial Group

There are no vendors, so we are free to talk with other practitioners and share strategies. It’s very valuable!

Allison Brown, AbbVie

The Board has been a great resource for us. The community has been worth every penny and then some!

Kumari Williams, Harman International

When it comes to benchmarking in the Board, I think one of the greatest values and benefits for me is when I take a proposal to leadership, I can show clear examples of other companies who are literally doing the exact same thing.

Raj Suri, Intel

By joining the DEI Board, we’ll build partnerships with like-minded organizations to continually improve our workplace, while adding value to who we are as an inclusive workforce. 

LaQuenta Jacobs, XPO Logistics

I’m excited to work in this unique community with other DEI leaders to make a lasting impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces and industries.

Alicia Scott, ON Semiconductor

I have given up on big conferences. It’s much more valuable to hear from people who are doing the work about what they’ve tried, and what has or hasn’t actually worked. We can all watch the same TED Talks. But what I really need is to talk with people like me doing the same work as me. The community is less — but it’s also more. It’s less time spent looking for some specific document or research that was referenced on a talk. But it’s also more — more time with people like me who are grappling with the same challenges.

Guillermo Gutierrez, Medline Industries

I love the interactions and conversations that include both high-level strategy and detailed tactics and results.

Charlotte Jones, Lockheed Martin

Great atmosphere, great people, great conversations and great topics.

Casie Shimansky, Cisco

The Board is my go-to source of information. I’m so inundated with a constant stream of information, but all the conversations in this community are easy to digest, valuable, high quality, and strategic. They filter out all of the lower-level, purely administrative topics and keep it at the programmatic level — just like they said they would.

Stacy Cline, GoDaddy

Community conversations are very much about sharing best practices and learnings. It’s about working together to solve problems that we’re all going through.

Carmen Mason, Enterprise Holdings

We’ve learned a lot about what our peers are doing in the space and heard things we hadn’t done before. It helps to justify if you want to try something new — being able to benchmark with your peers is very helpful.

Buffy Swinehart, Aflac

The Board is such a trusted resource for our field. I love participating on the calls and using the resource center. The community is extremely helpful and provides a lot of great ‘back-up’ for our internal conversations.

Melissa Hazelwood, Ferguson Enterprises

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