The Membership Experience

This is different than any membership organization you’ve ever seen.
You’ll love it.

Answers you need. Fast.

We’re talking about things that are important to you right now, because you control the conversation. Tell us what you need to know, and we’ll make the conversation happen. When a crisis hits, when new technology emerges, when you have an urgent question — we’re talking about it immediately.

Every member is a senior leader like you.

They’ve got a job like yours (and problems like yours), at a company like yours.

No vendors, no consultants, and no selling allowed. Really. We’re not kidding. We don’t even allow sponsors at our events. If someone isn’t leading a program at a big brand, they can’t participate — ever.

Complete confidentiality makes for incredibly valuable conversations.

Our strict confidentiality rules mean members share openly, knowing their conversations are completely private. The result is unfiltered, unbiased, straightforward answers — answers you’ll never get from industry publications, conferences, or a consultant’s report.

We screen every organization and every individual.

This is a private, vendor-free, screened community. Every company and individual gets vetted to ensure they’re leading the program and will contribute to the community. Each community has unique membership qualifications.

A full-time professional staff to support you.

Our team of community managers are experts at what they do. They wake up and go to bed each day thinking about how to help you have great conversations with leaders like you.

We don’t sell other products. We don’t offer other services. We don’t sell sponsorships. We’re not consultants. We’ll never upsell you. We do one thing: We create an incredible community that helps you do your job better.