The Talent Marketing Board is back

Starting March 22, our community will again be known as the Talent Marketing Board, specifically for the leaders of employer branding and recruitment marketing.

Last year, we had the best intentions when we expanded our community’s scope to include talent acquisition and post-application processes… but we goofed. What makes a community special is a passionate focus on one area, so that every conversation, call, and connection is productive and meaningful – not making you figure out which ones apply to you and which ones don’t.

This is the group for talent marketing leaders at large companies.

We’re bringing back that magic by returning to our original focus: being the best talent marketing community for leaders at big brands.

Talent marketing doesn’t get the attention it deserves: Maybe there’s one panel at an HR conference, or a single session at an event for corporate marketing. You’re worth so much more than that. This is not a side project, this is the future for your leadership and your company.

Who’s in the group?

  • Senior decision-makers who have responsibility for their program. They determine strategy, set policy, control budgets, select vendors, hire staff, and manage the team.
  • Leaders with substantial, relevant professional experience.
  • Subject matter experts. Members are able to contribute to high-level discussions on strategy and leadership in this field.

We’re talking about the issues you can’t talk about anywhere else.

  1. Solving for diverse talent to address company goals and moral obligations.
  2. Enticing passive talent when people don’t want to move (jobs or locations).
  3. Attracting remote talent especially in tech, when tech giants have upper hand.
  4. Your work is back-burnered, knowing what you could accomplish with more resources, headcount, and support – all while seeing corporate comms and marketing get shiny new toys.
  5. Budgets at the mercy of huge platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.
  6. Proving ROI of talent brand, showing that this work makes a productive impact on the bottom line.
  7. Influencing employer brand and corporate reputation despite lack of control over employee experience or corporate response.
  8. Employee and leadership involvement in storytelling, a challenge even before LinkedIn said it would shut down Elevate.
  9. Creating assets in a pandemic, so you can portray corporate culture when offices are empty, employees are detached, and “the new normal” is uncertain.
  10. Authentic storytelling in the face of increasingly vocal supporters and critics of political, cultural, and social movements.

This is for you. As talent leaders, we need each other.

Your day is dedicated to helping your team and your company. This is the only place that’s dedicated to helping you.

We’re here to give you the personal support you need in the lonely job at the top.

You need a place where leaders can help each other – without your team, colleagues, or vendors listening in. The Talent Marketing Board is the one resource where leaders take care of each other. This is an investment in yourself and your success.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

We’re ready to line up conversations and connections for you. Head over to the Member Center to start a discussion, or email Kaitlin Butler or Kurt Vanderah with any questions or to set up a time to talk.