Stories from people leading talent acquisition at the world’s greatest brands.

Internal mobility gig economies: Ben Murphy-Ryan shares how Arm launched a pilot program to find untapped potential within their workforce

In Q3 of 2019, Arm Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition Ben Murphy-Ryan and his team got to work creating an internal mobility program. “We identified that we don’t have an easy way of sharing opportunities within the organization that are not permanent, internal moves,” said Ben “This program is built around project-based and skills-based… Read More >

Talent marketing at Synovus: D’Anna Smith shares how they’re building out their program

Synovus launched their talent marketing efforts in early 2019 — led by Recruiting Operations Manager D’Anna Smith with the help of Recruitment Marketing Partner Bronwyn Hughes. D’Anna and Bronwyn were tasked with growing and fine tuning the various components of talent marketing within the organization. “We’re navigating uncharted waters together, which is a huge accomplishment,”… Read More >

Tisha Backer shares insights on their ongoing project to revamp and revitalize C.H. Robinson’s career site to better engage and attract job seekers

C.H. Robinson HR Director for Talent Acquisition Tisha Backer and her team started revamping their career site when they recognized it was no longer meeting their needs. They identified that the site could be better optimized to share information job seekers want to know about working there versus trying to provide an in-depth overview of… Read More >

Erin Pierpoint shares how she and her team at Bristol-Myers Squibb launched employment brand campaigns in line with their core values of diversity and inclusion

Eighteen months ago, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Worldwide Head of Talent Strategy Erin Pierpoint began looking at how her team could realign the company’s employer brand and recruitment strategy to promote diverse talent and build an inclusive workforce. “From a recruiting perspective, we were struggling to take our enterprise brand and translate it into a sentiment… Read More >

Leo Labra shares how he and his team at Southern California Edison are empowering employees across the company to help find and attract talent

Leo Labra, Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Southern California Edison, and his team recently began focusing on an initiative — called All Hands Recruiting — to activate employees across the organization to help find and attract talent and amplify SCE’s employer brand. “Our mission as a company is to provide clean energy and reduce greenhouse… Read More >