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The Short List: GE, AT&T, Allergan, and more

T-Mobile Director of HR Social Media Tisha Leslie shared how she helped them build their in-house creative team and employer brand content strategy from the ground up. Talent Marketing Board Blog >> GE's Talent Acquisition team announced the launch of their new talent engagement platform "The Runway" and released its first podcast episode to help… Read More >

The Short List: Hilton, T-Mobile, Audible, and more

Senior Director of HR Digital Strategy and Implementation Vanessa Sain-Dieguez shared how she brought Hilton's employer brand strategy to life on Instagram through the eyes of their Team Members. Talent Marketing Board Blog >> T-Mobile's Director of Employer Brand, Tisha Leslie, discussed the evolution of employer branding in an interview at Altru's EBrandCon. YouTube >>… Read More >


Hilton’s Vanessa Sain-Dieguez shares how they bring their employer brand strategy to life on Instagram through the eyes of their Team Members

Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Senior Director of HR Digital Strategy and Implementation, works every day with her team to spotlight employees and career opportunities at Hilton. “We believe everyone deserves a job they love, and that Hilton is a place where everyone can thrive professionally and personally,” says Vanessa. “We use social media to connect people to… Read More >

The Short List: Dell, Macy’s, Netflix, and more

Global Employment Brand Project Manager Amy Winebright shared how Dell overhauled their career sites to improve and measure their candidate experience. Talent Marketing Board Blog >> Carmen Collins from Cisco discussed the WeAreCisco Talent Brand Team’s decision to shut down their award-winning Snapchat program. Likeable >> James Marable, Manager of Employer Brand at Macy’s, revealed… Read More >


Amy Winebright shares how Dell overhauled their career sites to improve and measure their candidate experience

As the Global Employment Brand Project Manager, Amy Winebright supports Dell’s global team of recruiters and the initiatives that fall under the talent acquisition umbrella. That includes hiring ramp campaigns, building tools and collateral for recruiters, and messaging strategies across their social and media channels. But since early this year, Amy, along with colleague Cristina… Read More >

Highlights from Board Meeting 3 in Chicago

This week we wrapped up our third Board Meeting in Chicago. 26 recruitment marketing and employer brand leaders from 16 brands got together to talk about the things that are most important to their work right now. We heard 4 Show & Tell talks from Talent Marketing Board members, all people leading employer brand and… Read More >

The Short List: Kellogg Company, Ulta Beauty, Wayfair, and more

Great Clips VP of Talent Jared Nypen, Kellogg Company Senior Associate of Talent Marketing and Analytics Rex Pickar and University Relations Senior Recruiter and Intern Program Manager Niki Ramirez, Progressive Insurance TalentSearch Leader Erin Hendrick, and Charles Schwab Senior Team Manager of Employer Branding and Social Media Jerilyn Soncrant led Show and Tell talks at… Read More >

Rex Pickar and Niki Ramirez share how they improved Kellogg Company’s job descriptions through creative writing and increased daily job applications by 60%

Kellogg Company Senior Associate of Talent Marketing Analytics Rex Pickar and Senior Recruiter & Intern Program Manager Niki Ramirez may spend most of their time focusing on different aspects of the Kellogg talent brand, but this past year they got the opportunity to work together for an overhaul of their North American job descriptions. This… Read More >

The Short List: Mars, Whole Foods, GoDaddy, and more

VP of Talent Jared Nypen explained how he built a video storytelling campaign spotlighting Great Clips stylists. Talent Marketing Board >> Cisco’s Senior Social Media and Talent Brand Manager, Carmen Collins, shared how she built a global award-winning talent brand and social media team. Employee Experience Podcast >> In a video that garnered over 30,000… Read More >