Talent Marketing Board

Board Meeting 2 | New York, NY | June 12-13, 2018

Brands Who Attended this Board Meeting:

AbbVie, AT&T, Avis Budget Group, AXA, BAE Systems, Beiersdorf, Bosch, Citizens Financial Bank, Danone North America, Enterprise Holdings, Fidelity Investments, Hilton Worldwide, Honeywell, Intel, John Deere, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Lockheed Martin, MetLife, Progressive Insurance, Schneider Electric, TD Bank, Under Armour, Vanguard, Verizon, and Weight Watchers.

Board Meetings are the best place to get honest, actionable advice on the toughest challenges you’re facing.

You’ll talk about the critical issues you can’t talk about anywhere else, because everything is 100% confidential and you choose the topics. Board Meetings are exclusively for employer brand and recruitment marketing leaders at major corporations (no vendors, no selling), so everyone in the room understands your challenges and has answers.

Leave inspired, energized, and better prepared to lead your employer brand and recruitment marketing program.

What’s special about Board Meetings?

1. Conversations that Matter

We’ll talk about the important issues that you’re facing as an employer brand and recruitment marketing leader. Bring the tough problems you’re trying to solve and the questions you can’t ask anywhere else.

2. Confidential and Brands-Only

No vendors, no agencies, and no sponsors. Every conversation is completely confidential (no recording, blogging, etc.), and every participant is an employer brand and recruitment marketing leader.

3. It’s Not a Conference, It’s a Discussion

Board Meetings are designed for high-value conversations that will help you be a better employer brand and recruitment marketing leader. There are no panels, keynotes, sponsors, or other distractions.

We’ll have four kinds of incredible conversations.

1. Unconferences

Member-chosen, member-led peer-to-peer discussions on the hottest issues of the moment.

2. Member-Led Discussions

Deep-dive conversations on pre-selected topics from your fellow members.

3. Show & Tells

Members share what they’re working on in casual, behind-the-scenes talks.

4. Meal Discussions

Meals aren’t just breaks — they’re formal parts of the program where some of the best conversations happen.

Who can attend:

1. Registration is Not Open to the Public

This meeting is private, off-the-record, and exclusively for employer brand and recruitment marketing leaders. All registrations are reviewed, and everyone will have signed a confidentiality agreement.

2. Tuesday is Brands-Only

The first day is off the record, but some prospective members will be joining us. There is a limit of one attendee per guest brand. They’ll leave when our private member dinner starts that evening.

3. Wednesday is Brands-Only and Members-Only

Everyone in the room will be a Talent Marketing Board Member. Members, if you’re hoping to send someone that isn’t on your roster yet, they need to be approved at least two weeks before the meeting. Your friendly Community Manager can help.