Leading talent marketing is hard right now. This community has your back.

The past few months have presented one challenge after another — and your already hard job of leading talent marketing at a major company has only gotten harder. But, we've seen you rise to the occasion with innovative, supportive campaigns and initiatives — with some of our members totally redefining what talent acquisition and recruitment marketing means at their brand. 

We see those efforts, and all the collaboration happening in this community to make them happen, and it makes us so proud to have you as a member. 

We all know how hard it can be to do good work at a major company:

  • No matter what you do or how good your intentions are, there's always hostility towards big brands.
  • There's internal challenges to get the buy-in you need from leadership to make the choices you know are right.
  • As soon as you've tackled one crisis, the next one comes right along to replace it.

But, that's why the Talent Marketing Board exists. Everyone here is working hard every day to do the right thing — and every single one of them is a person like you, with a job like yours, at a company like yours. These are your people, and we've always got your back. 

How can we help you right now? All you have to do is ask, we'll take care of the rest.