Big news: The Talent Marketing Board is now the Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board!

We're excited to announce that after weeks of feedback, calls, and 1:1 conversations with dozens of members — our community is ready for its next big step.

We're now officially the Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board: The community for people leading talent acquisition and marketing at the world's biggest companies.

A few big things are changing:

  • Our name and logo — you may have noticed this across the Member Center already!
  • Expanding our scope of conversation: We'll still talk about talent marketing, recruitment marketing, and employer brand, but now we'll also cover more topics under the talent acquisition umbrella — especially as they relate to candidate experience.
  • We can welcome more talent acquisition leaders as members. It's a good time to consider who uses the seats on your membership and if there are leaders at your organization who might now benefit from this community.

Some things aren't changing:

  • We're still the best place to talk about things you can't talk about anywhere else.
  • We're still focused on senior-level topics: Even though our scope has expanded, we'll always keep things relevant, member-led, and distraction-free.

And what matters most — there is no other group that is:

  • Only for senior leaders.
  • Only for very large companies.
  • 100% confidential.
  • Absolutely vendor-free.

Recruiting and hiring has been turned on its head.

Nobody knows what talent acquisition, talent marketing, and employer branding will look like a year from now. You need to be able to discuss the hard problems you're facing with people like you, with jobs like yours, at companies like yours.

This is a unique and valuable resource just for you, and it always will be.

Your next steps: Start a conversation!

Ask or share about diversity and inclusion in hiring strategies, or candidate experience, or internal mobility. You can also let me know where you need help, and I'll get a conversation started or a connection made.

The only people who understand the challenges you're facing are other leaders like you, with jobs like yours, at brands like yours. This community is here for you — and we're excited for all the new conversations and connections to come alive in the Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board!