Big news — giving you an even stronger support network

We could all use some good news!

With all the changes to the world and our jobs, we're excited to announce a bunch of community developments that'll make you smile. This group is here to help you now. We're ramping up to be there for you — and help you help each other in this amazing support network we've created.

Immediate new benefits:

  1. We have an all-star new membership director: Kurt Vanderah. That name will be familiar to those of you who worked with him in, where he was Executive Director for eight years, helping guide that group from infancy to 300 members. His love for community and connecting people brought him back, and he's as passionate as ever about helping you work through the issues that most affect you and your job. (You'll still hear from me as we transition, and I'll continue to oversee all of our communities.)
  2. Expanding scope to help with new challenges: Everything about talent marketing, attraction, and acquisition has changed so quickly in the last month. We're adding new topics and expanding the focus of our discussions to keep up with a changing profession.
  3. We're adding four months to your company's membership. We're all dealing lots of change — so we want to give everyone extra time to help each other as fellow members of the community. If you recently renewed, we'll extend your membership. If your renewal is coming due, we'll push back the due date. (As a small business, we are thankful for any members who can pay sooner or take advantage of our multi-year pre-pay discounts. That gives us resources to help other members who are dealing with budget freezes or furloughs.)

Next step: Talk to Kurt!

He will be calling every member ASAP to find out what you need to to talk about. We need to know the hard problems you can't talk about anywhere else. Click here to set a time on your calendar for a call, or email to start a conversation. (Because if you don't set it up, he's going to email and call until you do. He's determined like that).

There's never been a more important time to have the support and perspective of your peers, and we're dedicating more help to make sure that continues. Thanks for your support of the community and for one another.

Thank you,