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Supply Chain Planning & Logistics Board
Founders Meeting at NASCES’24

September 16, 2024ㅤ•ㅤPhoenix, AZ

Founders Meeting Agenda

Monday, September 16

1:45 PM

Registration and Refreshments

2:15 PM

Welcome and Introductions

2:30 PM

Member-Led Discussion — AI in supply chain: Separating the hype from reality

You’ve heard the sales pitches — AI promises to revolutionize everything, including supply chains. But what’s real and what’s hype? Join us for a confidential, members-only discussion on the practical applications of AI in supply chain planning and logistics. We’ll explore the most promising areas to implement AI now, discuss the challenges and limitations of vendors we’re exploring, and consider what to watch for in the future. Come ready to learn from your peers at other large companies, share your experiences, and uncover the truth about which AI initiatives are yielding the best results and which to avoid.

3:00 PM


3:10 PM

Member-Led Discussion — Securing the future: Attracting, training, and retaining top supply chain talent

Staying ahead today means more than just adapting to change — it means leading it. This requires actively growing the leaders of tomorrow. As the demand continues to grow, how are you attracting, training, and retaining top supply chain talent in your organization? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how leading companies are cultivating their next generation of leaders. Benchmark with your peers and learn strategies to build a robust talent pipeline, including attracting top candidates, developing effective training programs, and implementing retention practices to keep top tier talent engaged.

3:40 PM

Networking Break

It’s the perfect opportunity to connect one-on-one with your fellow Founders.

4:20 PM

Unconference Round 1


  • Cultivating an antifragile mindset
  • Finding the balance: JIT versus JIC
  • Consensus demand planning
  • Keeping top talent
  • ERP vendors

4:50 PM


4:55 PM

Unconference Round 2


  • Connecting supply chain strategies to business priorities
  • Managing SKU proliferation
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Preparing future leaders
  • Bridging the gap between long-term planning and short-term execution

5:25 PM

NASCES Keynote: Thinking strategically about supply chain resilience

Ernest Nicolas, HP Inc.

After our unconferences, we’ll head over to NASCES to catch HP Inc. Chief Supply Chain Officer Ernest Nicolas discuss the importance of accountability, communication, and collaboration between stakeholders when we talk about supply chain risk and resilience. He’ll dig into the cost-benefit ratio of investing in supply chain resiliency — even at the expense of efficiency — and showcase real-world examples where a resilient supply chain has been the difference-maker to an organization’s competitive advantage.

6:15 PM

NASCES Drinks Reception

Please note: This agenda is subject to change based on speaker availability and scheduling.