The community for people leading social media at the world’s greatest brands.

About the Community

We’re the private, vendor-free community for peer-to-peer support from leaders like you. There are certain things you can only talk about in total confidence with people like you, with jobs like yours (and problems like yours), at companies like yours.

Who Can Join

Individual qualifications:

  1. Decision maker: Members must be senior decision makers who set strategy and policy for social media programs. They have a seat at the table to determine strategy, control budgets, hire staff, and select third-party vendors.
  2. Substantial professional experience: Members must have substantial professional experience in a directly related role (marketing, communications, PR, etc.). They need proven experience working alongside strategic decision makers in a corporate environment at the Fortune 1000 level.
  3. Social media sophistication: Members must have knowledge and experience that allows them to contribute to high-level discussions regarding social media strategy and leadership.

Company qualifications:

  1. No vendors: Major BtoB or BtoC client-side companies only.
  2. Minimum size: At least $1B in revenue and 4,000 employees.
  3. Sophisticated in social media: Well-established social media programs.
  4. Ethical, generous, and kind: Members must be trustworthy and uphold the highest standards of social media ethics.
  5. North American-based and English-speaking: Member activities happen during U.S. business hours in English.