Frequently Asked Questions

We get that all the time.

“This sounds great. But I’m busy. I don’t have any time to join a community.”

We get it. You’re already double booked.

That’s why everything is designed for busy leaders like you — membership is simple, efficient, and we’re always here when you need us (and out of the way when you don’t).

All of our members are just as busy as you. Membership saves them time, and it will for you too. Whatever project you’re leading, whatever you’re up against — our members will give you a head-start, show you the shortcuts, and tell you what they wish they’d have done different.

“Are you really vendor free?”


Vendors are never allowed to participate, in any way. This means we don’t have sponsors at our events, you’ll never see sponsored content or research, and you’ll never hear the phrase, “and now, a few words from our sponsors.”

You’ll never have to question the motives behind the advice you get, you’ll never have to filter what you say for fear of a vendor listening in, and nobody will ever try to sell you anything.

“Can’t I get the same value out of a LinkedIn group?”

Our original members are back for their 10th year.

What we do here sounds so simple, it seems like something that could easily be replicated with a personal network. But our members have found that no matter the intentions of a community, they always end up full of consultants, sales guys, and marketers.

What makes this community so special — and why our original members have been with us for more than a decade — is our strict screening criteria, our dedicated facilitators, and our commitment to running amazing communities (and nothing else). 

“What about my competitors? Am I in the same group as them?”

Yes. And it works.

We don’t offer category exclusivity. That makes this a better community.

You’re probably already in a trade association with all your direct competitors, and you attend many conferences specific to your industry where everyone is a competitor – and there’s value there. In our community, you’ll find many situations where it’s valuable to share insights within your industry while also hearing ideas from different ones, too.

“How do I get questions answered?”

Tell us what you want to talk about and we’ll make it happen.

Nobody wants another email or discussion list, nobody wants a webinar, nobody wants to go to another conference. We don’t do that, we have conversations.

You tell us what you want to talk about (email us directly or fill out an anonymous form) and we’ll make it happen in most efficient way.

We’ll curate questions and find the fastest, most efficient ways to get them answered. Some things we’ll discuss over a quick call together, sometimes a short group discussion over email is best, and some things are best discussed live, in-person at a confidential meeting.