Member Nomination Form

The Application Process

When you make a nomination, you represent that the nominee is a senior decision maker with substantial, relevant professional experience and subject matter expertise. They are ready to represent your organization to a group of senior leaders.

The process takes up to two weeks, and anyone who fails to meet the screening criteria will not be accepted into the community. No individuals below the manager level will be accepted.

How it works:

  • All reviews are discreet. We will only communicate with you and the nominee.
  • As we review the qualifications, we may contact you with further questions, and we may set up a nomination call to learn more directly from the nominee.
  • There is no expedited process. We can’t fast-track someone just to get them into an upcoming meeting.
  • We’ll notify you if the nominee isn’t accepted.
  • If a nominee is accepted, congratulations! After the confidentiality agreement is complete, they will have full access to the community.