We don’t allow vendors. Period.

Absolutely no vendors will ever be allowed to participate in this organization. No exceptions. As a member, you will never get a sales pitch for anything, ever. 

Vendors or people with a conflict of interest are not allowed to participate. We don’t allow sponsors, marketing agreements, or partnerships that give vendors access to you. If a member company becomes a vendor, they have to leave.

This is a completely sales-free environment.

In our community, you’ll never have to question the motives behind the advice you’re getting, you’ll never have to filter what you say fearing a vendor is listening, and nobody will ever try to sell you anything.

  1. Vendors are not allowed to participate, and we don’t accept sponsorships. Vendors are never allowed access to our discussions. You won’t see sponsored panels, and you won’t get offers for co-sponsored research. You’ll never hear the phrase, “and now, a few words from our sponsors.” We discuss vendors and sometimes invite them to answer members’ questions — but they immediately leave the conversation so we can talk about them privately.
  2. Members are not allowed to pitch anything. Nobody’s allowed to sneak a pitch into our private conversations. Individuals who have a conflict of interest — such as a seat on a vendor’s advisory board — are not allowed to participate.
  3. If a member becomes a vendor, they’re removed from the group. If a member’s business changes such that they become a vendor to the rest of the community — whether by acquisition or internal effort — we remove them from the community.

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