Twilio Chief Social Impact Officer Erin Reilly did an interview with Forbes to talk about her experience and share advice for gaining buy-in for corporate social impact efforts.

Here’s a snippet of Erin’s thoughts on leveraging the force of capitalism for good: “The path forward really clicked when I joined Twilio and focused on making, our social impact arm, a source of revenue. In selling Twilio software and services to nonprofits at a reduced rate, those organizations leverage the power of digital communications to change and improve lives. That generates revenue, which we then reinvest in our social impact programs. With a healthy revenue stream, we’re able to support nonprofits at a much larger scale, which in turn means their impact is multiplied. Instead of needing to ‘make the case’ for doing good each year, we’ve created an engine for good that has grown impact by 150% year over year, supports over 6,000 nonprofits and reaches hundreds of millions of people annually.”