Aflac Chief ESG and Communications Officer Catherine Blades wrote an article for Forbes on how to protect your company from three emerging threats — including the media effect, which Catherine says can be combated by having robust CSR and ESG programs to help manage your brand’s reputation.

In the article, Catherine says, “By employing a strong, disciplined approach to managing your company’s reputation through robust corporate social responsibility; environmental, social and governance efforts; and executive thought leadership programs, you can help protect your corporation’s reputation before a crisis. Have a strong stakeholder engagement plan in your digital crisis playbook so you can immediately deploy trusted, respected leaders and third parties to set the record straight on misinformation and provide the facts about your true mission and purpose. This information should come directly from your CSR, ESG and other reputation efforts. Your narrative should already be curated before a crisis — you shouldn’t create it during one. The best defense is a strong offense. Make sure to use those same digital forms of amplification referenced above and bury the bad news under the good.”