Get your tough questions answered better and faster than you can anywhere else.

Run a more successful program with less risk.

At a big company, you’ve got vast resources available. But what you don’t have is advice and support from people like you, with jobs like yours, at companies like yours — in a confidential, vendor-free environment.

1 Actionable advice, on demand, from people who actually have the answers.

  • Real best practices. Discover the solutions that experienced practitioners really use. Get the confidence and credibility that comes from benchmarking against the best programs.
  • Solve problems faster. Get answers, when you need them, from people who have already figured it out.

2 The leadership support you need to run a great program.

  • Engage in management-level discussions. This is the only place talking about the specific challenges facing the people managing a program — not the tactics of people doing the day-to-day execution.
  • Grow a trusted network. Build relationships with leaders like you.
  • It’s like having a personal advisory board. There are certain things you can only talk about with other leaders running programs like yours.

3 Risk reduction.

  • Membership is an insurance policy that protects you and your company. Get help in a crisis, and sleep better knowing you’ll never be caught by surprise.
  • When things change, know the pitfalls and the shortcuts before you act. Someone in the community has already solved it and will be there for you.

4 A supportive community that helps you win.

Surround yourself with generous people who understand you and want to help — because we’re all in this together.

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