Equality Board

How Conversations Work

We only do one thing: Conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

This is where you ask, “Hey, what are you doing about ______?”

All you have to do is ask the question.

There are five easy ways to start a conversation:

  1. Come to a meeting where we have deep discussions, build relationships, and talk about those things you can only discuss face-to-face in total confidentiality.
  2. Hop on a call to talk through the most important topics of the week in a facilitated discussion with a trusted group of fellow members.
  3. Email the members when you need a quick answer. You’ll usually get responses within an hour.
  4. Ask anonymously to share sensitive questions. Staff will get it to the group for you.
  5. Talk to the staff when you need help but aren’t sure where to start.

We set up the conversations.

All the answers come from members:

  • Direct Discussions: We introduce you to a member who can help.
  • Fast Feedback: Post a question, get an answer by email.
  • Community Calls: Facilitated phone discussions on deep issues.
  • Board Meetings: Face-to-face connections and confidential conversations.

We have great conversations — and nothing else.

  • We take care of everything so you can focus on great conversations.
  • We eliminate all the distractions. Everything is facilitated and moderated.
  • We won’t ask you to do anything else.
  • We don’t offer anything else. We don’t do conferences, research, or consulting.

Conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

We’re talking about the issues you’re facing as a leader.

We’re discussing topics that nobody else is talking about, because only people with jobs like yours understand them. We talk about the things that keep you up at night — the things you can’t ask anywhere else.

  • Internal issues: Things outsiders can’t help with: building a team, getting buy-in, and internal politics.
  • Leadership issues: Managing your team and leading a great program.
  • Vendors: How to choose vendors, manage vendors — and vendor problems.
  • When you need to know what to do, not what to buy: A vendor’s advice always matches the solutions they sell.
  • Getting right to the source: When you want to talk to the people solving the problem — not the people commenting on it.
  • Breaking news: When you need to know who’s affected and how they’re responding.
  • Personal issues: When you need support because this is a tough, lonely job.

The power of this group is in the variety of companies, industries, and perspectives.

No matter what you’re facing, someone else in the group has figured it out.

You’ll get:

  • Valuable perspectives from companies very different from your own — with new ways to see and solve your problems.
  • Experience from companies of all types. What seems new or hard in your industry often has a simple solution you can borrow from a different industry.
  • An instant advisory board of fellow members with skills and training that is different than — and complementary to — yours.

Your competitors will be in the group, too — and it’s a better community for it. Each conversation has a few people like you and a lot of people from a wide range of industries. Both perspectives add value.

Everything is more useful and relevant in Board.org.

All the answers come from Board Members.

They’re the ones with the real-world experience.

None of the answers come from staff. We’re facilitators, not consultants. Our job is to find the right members for you to talk to, and the most efficient way to have the conversation.

You choose what we talk about, when you need it.

You don’t waste any time with pre-planned or canned content. You ask the question, members have the answers, we’ll facilitate.

We talk about things as they happen.

When you need an answer right now, or when breaking news hits — we’re talking about it.  You’ll get feedback and answers from practitioners immediately. You’ll solve your problem before vendors even get back to you with a proposal.

We only talk about things you can’t get anywhere else.

We’re not going to repeat information that’s widely discussed elsewhere. You already have ways to hear from experts and get the latest research. We focus on conversations you can only have with people like you. The stuff we talk about will never be shared on a panel or in a white paper. We focus on leader-level issues, strategic questions, and everything related to how you run your program. If it’s tactical, you can probably get it from another source.

Everything we do is a discussion, not a presentation.

As a member, you’re never in the audience — you’re a part of the conversation. You pick the topics, you ask the questions, and you decide what we talk about. Everything we do is a group discussion where members share with other members. The only time someone stands at the front of a room is when a member shares their story as a kickoff to a conversation.