The community for people leading equality programs at the world’s biggest companies.

You’ll love this.

As a member, you’ll get three important benefits:

Information you can’t get anywhere else

Practitioners who’ve actually done it have the answers, and they’re only sharing it in our confidential community. Vendors don’t know, and you can’t ask your team.

Risk reduction

Whatever you’re planning, someone in the community already knows the pitfalls and shortcuts. Sleep better knowing you’ll never be caught by surprise.

Confidence and credibility from benchmarking

Know that your plan is a best practice because you benchmarked against companies like yours.

A community of support.

Most of all — and you won’t believe us until after you join — this is not like other business groups. It’s a community of friends who will support you and help you win. It feels like a family.

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Who can join?

Individual qualifications:

  1. Hands-on leaders of equality programs who set policy and strategy for LGBTQ issues.
  2. Practitioners who are running programs (beyond passionate advocates or executive sponsors).
  3. Substantial professional experience.

Company qualifications:

  1. No vendors: Major BtoB or BtoC client-side companies only.
  2. Minimum size: At least $1B in revenue and 4,000 employees.
  3. Budget authority: At least $250,000 directly related budget.