Leadership support you need to run a great program.

It’s like having a personal advisory board.

Your team has a lot of conferences, training, and articles to help them.

This is the only organization dedicated to helping you be a great leader and overcome the challenges of running a great program.

Engage in management-level discussions.

This is the only place talking about the specific challenges facing the people managing a program — not the tactics of people doing the day-to-day execution.

We talk about how you lead, not how you do.

Be a better leader.

Talk through leadership challenges and develop big-picture strategic perspective.

Connect with your peers and take time to think about the future. Improve your skills as a manager and leader.

Grow a trusted network.

Build relationships with leaders like you. They’re the only people who understand you and the work you do.

Our team is here to help you meet the right people with carefully screened, hand-crafted introductions.

Over the years, the people you meet in this community will be your most trusted confidants, allies, and friends.

There are certain things you can only talk about with other leaders.

Vendors don’t know. Their advice is based on the solutions they sell. They can’t help with the internal challenges that come with leading a program. You can’t ask vendors about how to work with vendors.

You can’t ask your team. When you’re the internal expert, you can’t talk about what you don’t know inside the company. You need a confidential group of people like you to be your advisors.

This is for you. As a leader, you need this.

Your day is dedicated to helping your team and your company. This is the only place that’s dedicated to helping you.

Get the personal support you need in the lonely job at the top.

You need a place where leaders can help each other — without your team, colleagues, or vendors listening in. Board.org is the one resource where leaders take care of each other. This is an investment in yourself and your success.

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Sleep better knowing you’ll never be caught by surprise.