A high-value membership for your leadership team.

This is an all-inclusive membership that includes seats for your team (subject to the membership criteria). There are no additional up-sells. You only pay for dues and the registration fee for meetings you attend.


  • Company membership includes a seat for your senior-most leader and their inner circle. You can add and remove people throughout the year.
  • Facilitated weekly member calls on key issues.
  • On-demand Q&A by email.
  • 1:1 introductions to other members.
  • Real-time support when making vendor decisions.
  • Archives of recordings of past member calls.
  • Searchable database of past discussions.
  • Access to every Board Meeting (+ registration fee).
  • Alerts of breaking news and critical information from members.
  • Reduced risk through collaboration and advice on strategic decisions.
  • Amazing service and support from a team of professional facilitators.

A great experience delivered by a professional community management team.

Our professional, full-time staff are specialists in facilitation and community management. Your experience isn’t managed by volunteers or moonlighting editors, event planners, or consultants. Our team of facilitators is accountable to deliver what we promise. We will:

  • Facilitate high-value conversations.
  • Introduce you to other members.
  • Protect your time — no clutter, no distractions.
  • Ensure every member is screened and meets the strict membership criteria.
  • Enforce confidentiality.
  • Ensure no selling or conflicts of interest in the community.
  • Enforce member fairness — all members are treated equally.

You’ll get significant ROI from your membership.

  • Information value: Detailed answers, when you need them, with no additional subscription or consulting costs.
  • Control vendor cost and risk: Find the right ones, avoid mistakes, and manage them better.
  • Learning and development: Keep your team trained and informed through our all-inclusive, high-value, real-time information — plus an archive.
  • Research and consulting: Save every time you would have bought a report or hired a consultant.
  • Conferences: Replace expensive and lengthy conferences with our fast and efficient peer discussions.

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Better info. A resource multiplier. Leadership support. And a whole lot more.