The Shortlist: Anheuser-Busch, Nike, Verizon, and more

Anheuser-Busch InBev Senior Global Marketing Technology Manager Lucas Borges shared how they connected their data silos into a centralized database and developed a data governance strategy as part of a concentrated data management overhaul. AdExchanger >>

Target, Starbucks, and Netflix were spotlighted as brands effectively using big data to advance their online retailing efforts. MarTech Series >>

The Coca-Cola Company was used as a case study in effective use of business analytics for how they utilized their business intelligence platform to automate a reporting process that saved 260 years of staff time annually. Hews Media Group >> 

Wouleta Ayele was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Technology Services at Starbucks. LinkedIn >>

Joshua Greenberg is now the Head of Business Analytics for US General Medicines at Sanofi. LinkedIn >>

Emily White was recently brought on as Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics at Nike. LinkedIn >>

Liberty Mutual Insurance is looking for an Assistant Director of Data Science to apply advanced predictive techniques to improve pricing and underwriting accuracy and deploy new techniques and products to help deliver business value. (Boston, MA) Liberty Mutual Insurance Jobs >> 

Verizon needs a Principal Data Scientist to lead data science projects that drive customer intelligence, product personalization, marketing effectiveness, channel optimization, and operational efficiency. (Bedminster, NJ) Verizon Jobs >>

Takeda is hiring a Senior Director of Data and Market Analytics and Insights to lead their data and market insights analytics initiatives and ensure they're developing and providing valuable insights to their business units. (Boston, MA) Takeda Jobs >>

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