We only do one thing: Conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

You’ll have confidential conversations with a carefully screened group of leaders by phone, email, and at in-person meetings. Everything is facilitated and designed for busy people.

This is where you ask, “Hey, what are you doing about ____?” You get answers, when you need them, from senior-level people like you.

Members help each other through four types of conversations.

  1. Fast Feedback: Post a question, get an answer by email.
  2. Community Calls: Facilitated phone discussions on deep issues.
  3. Direct Discussions: We introduce you to a member who can help.
  4. Board Meetings: Face-to-face connections and confidential conversations.

We talk about the things you can’t talk about anywhere else.

We talk about the things that keep you up at night — the things you can’t ask anywhere else: internal management issues, vendors, unprecedented topics, crisis response, and leadership strategies.

(We don’t talk about the topics you can get elsewhere — the tactical or basic “how-to” concepts.)

It’s better than your other sources of information.

  • You choose what we talk about.
  • Everything is on demand, when you need it.
  • All the answers come from fellow members running programs like yours — who actually have the answers.
  • The power of this group is in the variety of companies, industries, and perspectives.
  • Everything’s facilitated, on topic, distraction free, and confidential.

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Big companies. Senior leaders. No vendors.