Looking back at our nowhere-else conversations from the past few months

The months since COVID-19 hit have been hard — and it's still hard. But when times got tough, we quickly saw the CSR Board community come together in ways we've never seen before. Every day, members are helping each other with the leadership challenges you’re facing and supporting each other.

We don't know what's next for this crisis (or what future crises lie ahead) — but we know this community will be here for you.

Here's how members of your community helped each other over the past three months:

  • 34 confidential, vendor-free Community Calls on timely, relevant topics
  • 20 of those calls tackled managing CSR during COVID-19 head on
  • Our biggest Community Call of all time — “Managing charitable responses and employee hardship assistance during COVID-19” — with 54 members on the line
  • 63 Fast Feedback conversations
  • 88% company participation in the community
  • 59 direct, 1-1 member connections
  • An incalculable amount of love, therapy, sharing, and camaraderie

We're so proud of this incredible community and amazing members like you who make every single conversation so valuable.

These past few months have shown that, when things get hard, you can't wait for an RFP. You can't wait weeks for an analyst’s report. You need a group you can trust, ready to go, who's there when you need them.

Thank you for everything that you do