CSR Board

Board Meeting 2

February 25-26, 2020 • San Francisco

No Vendors. Confidential. Conversations.

Board Meeting Agenda:

Tuesday, February 25

(Members and Invited Guests)

12:00 PMLunch Discussions
Get here on time and grab a seat at the table. This sit-down lunch is your first opportunity to meet all of the great talent marketing leaders you’ll get to know at the Board Meeting.
12:50 PMHead to the Show & Tell Talk
1:00 PMLeveraging stakeholder data to improve your CSR performance
Tonie Hansen, NVIDIA

Your company receives a constant stream of information from stakeholders, and much of it can be turned into useful and actionable insights that can improve the performance of your CSR efforts. Tonie Hansen, Senior Director of CSR and Sustainability for NVIDIA, will talk about how to collect, synthesize, and make use of this data, for both materiality assessments as well as ongoing programs.
1:30 PMBreak
1:40 PMSetting and achieving bold sustainability targets
Mark Demchuk, Cenovus Energy

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Innovation Mark Demchuk will talk about how Cenovus Energy has set ambitious goals on greenhouse gas emissions, investment in indigenous communities, land and wildlife conservation, and water stewardship -- and how they plan to deliver on them.
2:10 PMBreak
2:20 PMCommunity engagement signature program benchmark

Let’s talk about the signature programs we’ve adopted for our community engagement work, our process for arriving at such programs, or why we’ve chosen a model that doesn’t entail signature efforts. We can discuss:
  • Selecting a program… and winding one down
  • Closing the data gap on impact
  • Making the business case for our signature partnerships
  • And keeping our employees and leadership engaged over the long haul
Bring your wins and the things you wish you’d done differently -- this conversation will be 100% confidential and totally off the record.
2:50 PM Snack Break
3:20 PMPursuing sustainability at a 150-year-old brand
Suzette Carty, Brown-Forman

Senior Manager of Sustainability Suzette Carty will share Brown-Forman's sustainability journey as they work to responsibly grow their spirits and wine brands, while protecting and enriching the natural environment on which we all depend.
3:50 PMBreak
4:00 PMThe ethics of marketing social impact
Ashley Rajaratnam, Best Buy

Ashley Rajaratnam from Best Buy will discuss the complexities of social good programming within a profit-making enterprise: what happened as interest in the Teen Tech Center story peaked, the challenges attention and resources have brought, and their efforts to maintain the integrity and authenticity of their teens' stories.
4:30 PMAdjourn
5:00 PMMember Dinner
Following our afternoon of conversations and Show & Tell talks, we’ll all go out for a fantastic dinner together. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow members before a big day of brainstorming, discussion, and collaboration.

Wednesday, February 26

(Members Only)

8:00 AMBreakfast Discussions
The conversations over coffee and eggs at this event are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour. You’ll want to be here bright and early (and on time).
8:50 AMHead to the Member-Led Discussion
9:00 AMMember-Led Discussion: Storytelling about your CSR choices
Led by Nicole Bott, Red Lobster

Nicole Bott, Director of Communications for Red Lobster, will lead a conversation on how to communicate CSR choices across audiences and channels, including wired and non-wired employees and guests, as well as engaging third-party partners for credibility and reach.
9:30 AMBreak
9:40 AMMember-Led Discussion: Disaster relief and climate resiliency
Led by Annette Jennings, Mars

Annette Jennings, Senior Manager of Global Community Engagement for Mars, will lead a conversation on how organizations are approaching disaster relief and preparing in advance for situations that are now becoming a "when," not an "if."
10:10 AMSnack Break
10:30 AMMember-Led Discussion: The future of CSR
Led by Katherine Toch, Cisco

Katherine Toch, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing for Cisco, will lead a conversation about what’s around the corner for CSR.
11:00 AMBreak
11:10 AMMember-Led Discussion: Defining success metrics
Led by Paul Pellizzari, Hard Rock International

Paul Pellizzari, VP of Global Social Responsibility at Hard Rock International, will lead a discussion on choosing, evolving, and executing program metrics across corporate responsibility programs.
11:40 AMLunch Discussions
12:30 PMBreak
12:40 PM Unconference Introduction
Unconferences are fast-paced, peer-to-peer discussions where you suggest discussion topics, vote for your favorites, and join the conversations that interest you most. This is where you drive the agenda in real time and talk about the things you want to talk about. Some early topics that have been suggested include:

  • CSR's impact on brand and reputation

  • Partnering with NPOs, NGOs, and companies

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery

  • Setting up/sunsetting a foundation

  • Budget strategies to protect your resources

  • Deciding on third-party certifications for sustainability

  • ESG metrics and reporting

  • Pitching for more money

  • Sustainability governance structure options/opportunities/challenges

  • Investor relations and sustainability

  • Internal communications for CSR: How to explain what you do

  • Winning for CSR with tiny teams

  • Navigating decentralized teams

  • Defining/redefining your strategic pillars

  • Connecting your programs to your brand purpose/identity

  • Measuring and communicating impact

  • Mobilizing ERGs (employee resource groups) for CSR goals

  • CSR, Sustainability, and Government Relations

12:45 PMUnconference Round 1
1:15 PMBreak
1:25 PMUnconference Round 2
1:55 PMSnack Break
2:05 PMUnconference Round 3
2:35 PMBreak
2:45 PMUnconference Round 4
3:15 PMAdjourn