About Us

We’ve been connecting change agents at the biggest companies on the planet and helping them make a difference since 2008.

We build vendor-free, peer-to-peer communities for people leading meaningful change at the world’s biggest companies.

We surround them with people that have similar jobs, at similar organizations, facing similar challenges. We help them have confidential conversations where they help each other accomplish their worthy mission.

The work of leading change at big brands is important, and we get to help make it happen.

The work change agents do at big brands, magnified by the size and scale of their resources and influence, has a real impact on the world. We help these good guys win by surrounding them with a community of peers who understand their challenges and support them.

We love to find these change agents, support them, and help them win.

The staff behind Board.org are GasPedal employees. Click here to meet us.